Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real face is not mandatory factor for actress

You may be surprised that the beauty you see in film is not real beauty in real face.but if you see the actress in movie or TV show, she will look like great beauty. Yes , it is fact but at the same timefashion, face make up is made as per story of film so it is showed to viewer.

I am not against the face make up or fashion which change the beautiness and enhance actress look because lot of people take learning watching film and movie. she should show ideal picture so that people watching her can make banchmarking for themself along with this dress up, face make up and diffrent fashion is mandatory to make live the scene of picture so thses all are demand of movie.

We have seen that same actress look like black in one movie and at the other hand in the other movie she look fairy so that is because story of film demand to be acted like that.

Along above face make up,or fashion or dress up give freshness to the actress which flavour enthusiasm in viewer.

So if i say fashion or face make up or good dress up is mandatory factor for man or women particulary, no body can deny.

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